Where do hebe plants come from?


You can find hebes worldwide and in all shapes and sizes. However, hebes originate from only certain parts of the world, which means their spread around the globe has been thanks to humanity. Do you want to know more about the origin stories of hebe? This is where hebes come from!

History of hebes

The ancestors of the Hebe genus arrived in New Zealand about 5 million years ago. Nowadays, there are about 100 species of hebe known to humanity, making the hebe the largest genus of flowering plants in New Zealand. Hebes started getting adjusted to all kinds of terrains and climates pretty soon, which let them spread around quite fast. Different types of hebe settled everywhere and anywhere, from the subtropical climates up North and the cooler South of New Zealand.

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Hebe's origin countries

These are the countries and places in the world that the hebes of today have their roots in:

  1. New Zealand: Most of the hebes we know and love today are native to New Zealand. When looking for hebes here, the populations are significantly bigger in the mountains, insinuating that hebes started manifesting there first and later began to take over lowlands as well.
  2. Rapa, French Polynesia: Although not many hebe species come from the small island Rapa, the Hebe Rapensis does. Even though this hebe species comes from a different place than all its relatives from New Zealand, the family ties are very clearly there.
  3. South America: When looking at hebe species in New Zealand, two stand out; that's because the Hebe Elliptica and the Hebe Salicifolia can be found in New Zealand and southern South America as well.

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