Soft Fruit

Fruit are ever-popular, many of them are attractive in their own right and the added advantage of something to eat! They can be grown in most gardens either in a traditional vegetable garden or in pots or mixed with other plants. Currants are especially good in pots and the large architectural foliage of Rhubarb mixes well with perennials.

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Plant Soft Fruit

Planting soft fruit is a lot of fun. There are many different types of soft fruit that can be grown in your garden or backyard. These fruits include strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, and grapes. They all have their own requirements for planting and will take a different amount of time to grow. Here, are the basics of how to plant this type of fruit.

Grow your own fruit

Planting soft fruit is a lot of fun! Whether you’re an avid gardener or someone looking for a new hobby, growing soft fruit can be rewarding. Whether you’re just starting out or you already have some experience, here are the basics for planting and caring for this type of produce.

Where to plant soft fruit

Planting soft fruit bushes is a great way to make your garden more productive. Whether you plant them for your own consumption or to share with the community, soft fruit bushes and trees offer a variety of different crops. They're easy to take care of and will typically produce fruit within one to two years after planting for most varieties. One important aspect of planting soft fruit trees and bushes is that they should be planted in an area with good sunlight exposure and well-draining soil.

How to plant soft fruit plants

Growing soft fruit in your garden is easy and can be a great way to save money on food. However, you will need to know how and when to plant the plants. Here are some tips for planting soft fruit plants in your garden:

  • Plant the fruit plants in rows with 90 centimetres between each row.
  • Plant the fruit plants about 25 centimetres deep, just right under ground level.
  • Dig a plant hole plant that’s about an inch deeper than the root ball, and mix in organic material with the soil.
  • Backfill the dugout soil and water thoroughly after planting.

Plant a ficus tree

If you’re looking for a fun garden project, why not plant a ficus fruit tree? It's a great way to add shade to your garden and produce some delicious fruit, too.

The beautiful leaves of the ficus tree give your garden an architectural look. Ficus trees thrive well in containers, in glasshouses or trained against a wall.

Plant your ficus tree soft fruit in full sun for bountiful harvests. The more sunlight that penetrates the ground, the more sugar will be produced by the leaves to create fruits. This also means that you will have a higher yield of fruit per bush!

Buy soft fruit plants online

To help you find a soft fruit tree that suits your space and tastes, you can use the filter on the left-hand side. Select your amount of sun, the season of interest and your soil type, to make sure you select the right soft fruit plant for your area. Garden Beauty ships nationwide and we make sure your plant will arrive in good condition. Please go to our aftercare advice page to read all about aftercare for soft fruit trees.

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