When do hebes flower?


Do you want to know when hebes flower? Hebes are well-known plants and have become very popular among gardeners worldwide. This is for a good reason; hebes are evergreen, easy to care for, and versatile. On top of that, hebes carry beautiful flowers each year.

When do hebes bloom?

Hebes mostly bloom in the summer, and their blooming periods tend to be quite long. Hebes usually bloom from summer to mid-autumn, with the most flowers being out between June and September. Some types of hebe, however, bloom for more extended periods, some of them even well into the wintertime. Most hebes are evergreen, and their blooming times can depend on their climate.

When do hebes flower - Garden Beauty

Hebe flowers

Hebe's flowers are usually easy to recognize:

  • Hebe flowers grow in clusters with a feather-like shape.
  • The flowers at the bottom of the cluster usually open first.
  • They're small but with long stamens, and most hebes produce their flowers in indigo to purple shades.
  • Some hebe varieties do, however, carry differently coloured blooms, like pink, white or light blue.
  • Hebe's flowers are known to attract many pollinators to your garden, making planting a hebe in your garden a perfect way to support your local bee populations.

Hebe Pruning

To keep your hebe looking fresh and healthy, it's important to prune them every once. This stimulates the growth of new leaves and keeps them looking pretty all year long. Pruning your hebe can be done best right after they're done blooming to give them enough time to heal the cutting wounds before winter hits. Hebes can also grow between 40 to 60 inches in height, which means a small potted hebe can turn into a full-grown shrub in no time. This makes it even more important to prune your hebe correctly.

Pruning a hebe is best done as follows

  1. Take a good pair of secateurs and start by cutting all dead flowers.

  2. Now you can cut off all excess foliage. Make sure to cut your hebe back by at least one-third of its original size.

  3. Finally, take a look between the branches and cut off all branches that grow "against the flow". These branches don't grow in the same direction as the other ones. Cut these off since they could cause chafing and damage your hebe.

When do hebes flower - Garden Beauty

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