Are hebes evergreen?


Ever since hebes made an appearance in the UK, they’ve been incredibly popular garden plants for many gardeners. Not only do hebes look gorgeous, and are they versatile in both looks and size, but they’re also evergreen and require very little care. Hebes are hardy shrub-like plants that come in many shapes, sizes and colours. Looking for a new plant to add to your garden? Then take a look at our wide range here at Garden Beauty, because a hebe is the right pick for you!

How to care for a hebe

Hebes are evergreen and very hardy, so making your hebe look good all year round should, in most cases, not be a problem. However, taking good care of your plants is always a good idea, no matter how hardy they are. That’s why we’ve put together a hebe aftercare advice page with some essential tips and tricks for caring for your beautiful hebes. Here are three tips you must keep in mind.

  1. First of all, picking the right spot in your garden for your hebe is important. Hebes love the sun and therefore do best when accessing lots of light. If this is not a possibility for you, mid-shade will also do.
  2. Plant your hebe during springtime, when the soil starts to warm up, and plants have the best shot at growing and developing themselves. Hebes do fine in both open ground and containers.
  3. Most hebes will bloom during the warmer period of the year. Cut off dead flowers. Throughout the blooming period, keep your hebe looking fresh and stimulate further blooming.

Hebe evergreen - Garden Beauty

Hebes as hedge plants

Hebes come in many different types and varieties that can grow up to different heights and widths. Since hebes are evergreen, this means that hebes can be used quite well as hedge plants or for informal bordering. Choose your hebe based on the height you want your border to be. Hebes can grow up to 79 inches in size but can stay a lot smaller as well. This means picking the right hebe for your garden is very important.

Hebes at Garden Beauty

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