What’s hebe addenda?


The hebe addenda is a collective name for a group of evergreen hebes that grow up to about 20 inches. A few hebe addenda varieties are known to look gorgeous in your garden. Hebe addenda thrive in cooler conditions outside but can also be kept inside as a houseplant. The hebe addenda is an annual plant that is sometimes known to survive mild winters for a few years. Garden Beauty offers a wide range of hebe plants online. Go check them out!

How to grow Hebe addenda?

The hebe addenda can be kept in both containers and open ground and look fabulous as decoration for your patio or as a dainty border plant. Different species of addenda are available that bloom in different colours. White, pink, blue, violet and lilac are some of the most popular ones. Aside from bloom colour, the foliage colours might also vary between varieties. All in all, there’s a perfect hebe addenda out there for everyone! This plant is known for its long blooming period, from July to October. When pruned right, this plant can bloom even longer.

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Buying Hebe addenda

During autumn, the most extensive range of hebe addenda that’s available at Garden Beauty. This is because hebe addenda bloom well into the autumn months, something not many other plants manage to achieve. The hebe addenda, therefore, make a great way to liven up your garden one last time before winter hits. These plants are very well combinable with other perennial plants but do make sure to give them enough space and a bit of shelter from the wind.

Caring for Hebe addenda

Want to know more on how to care for your hebe addenda? Perfect! We’ve made a handy summary of essential tips and tricks you have to know when looking after this gorgeous plant.

  • The hebe addenda likes the semi-shade or the sun. When put in full sun, don’t forget to water your plant regularly. The hebe addenda is not completely cold-resistant; a mild winter probably won’t cause too many problems, but a hebe addenda will definitely need some help in case of harsh frost.
  • Do you have a hebe addenda in a container? The best is to put it inside in a cool and well-lighted spot for a while. Don’t forget to water it every now and then.
  • Hebe addendas like their fertilizer, mainly calcareous bone meals. This especially goes for hebe addendas in containers since blooming takes this plant a lot of energy. Plant your contained hebe addendas in potting soil.

Pruning Hebe addenda

When caring for your hebe addenda, pruning isn’t needed for the most part. You can always cut the longer branches back a bit when spring comes around to help your plant keep its shape. Furthermore, cutting off dead blooms is also recommended since this helps your hebe addenda look fresh and keep blooming for longer.

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Hebe addenda blooming time

The hebe addenda is a very long-blooming plant, and on top of that, they tend to bloom very generously. The blooms look gorgeous and tend to attract many pollinators, like bees and butterflies, to your garden. This makes adding a hebe addenda to your garden great to support your local insect populations throughout autumn.

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