5 hebe varieties for your garden


The hebe has been a trendy garden plant for many years, and for a good reason. They're incredibly versatile, easy to care for, evergreen and carry gorgeous flowers every year. Hebes come from different parts of the world, like New Zealand, Rapa, the Falkland Islands and South America, but have since spread in numbers and popularity to many other countries. Hebes usually stay relatively small but can grow into full-grown bushes if cared for right.

How to find the best hebe

Hebes come in many different shapes and sizes, all with their unique qualities. Would you like to add a hebe to your garden, but do you want to orientate yourself on different hebe varieties? No problem! To help you pick the right hebe for your garden, Garden Beauty has curated a special list containing five of the most beautiful hebes out there.

Top 5 hebes - Garden Beauty

Top-5 best hebes for your garden

  1. Hebe Blue Elegance  - The Hebe “Blue Elegance" is well-known and loved for the gorgeous indigo-blue flowers it pops out in the summer. The flowers are small and grow close together in feather-like clusters, making the Blue Elegance perfect for adding a bit of colour into your garden. Like pretty much all hebes, the Blue Elegance is evergreen and grows well in full sun or semi-shade.
  2. Hebe Garden Beauty Blue - The Hebe “Garden Beauty Blue" is perfect if you love everything violet! Enjoy its small size, making it suitable for many different gardens and backyards, even some balconies. The Garden Beauty Blue is evergreen (like most hebes) and loves fully sunny or semi-shaded environments. (And in case you were wondering if it's our own Garden Beauty Original? It is!)
  3. Hebe Buxifolia Nana - Where some types of hebe can grow quite big and take up some space, the Hebe Buxifolia Nana stands out from the crowd by being relatively small. The Buxifolia Nana only grows up to about 30 cm in height. They produce white to lavender flower clusters and have bright green, white outlined foliage.
  4. Hebe Margret - Most hebe variants have small, dark green leaves and bright indigo to violet flowers. The Hebe “Margret" carries flowers in a gorgeous light blue shade, making it stand out from the other hebes. The foliage is bright green and stays that way all year round. The Margret grows to medium size and likes to be put in the sun.
  5. Hebe Nicola's Blush - Nicola's Blush hebes have been rising in popularity thanks to their beautiful pink to white flowers. This hebe variety is known to attract many pollinators and to have no problems with harsh winters. Their foliage is bright green and glossy. Nicola's Blush is easy to care for and stays beautiful all year long.

Have you found your perfect hebe? Garden Beauty is the ideal place to shop for all kinds of gorgeous hebes and other garden plants. We sell healthy, high quality and peat-free plants. Time to garden! 

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