How to grow hebes in pots?


Did you know that hebes are hardy, evergreen, look beautiful and require little to no care? This makes hebe an ideal garden plant for any garden owner. Hebes are also well known for their versatility since they're available in all kinds of shapes, sizes and colours. Hebes can be grown in both pots and open ground. Find out how to grow hebes in pots and brighten up your garden this season. Check our wide range online in the webshop.

Looking for tips and tricks on how to grow your favourite hebe in pots or the open ground? Garden Beauty's got you covered! We put together our best tips and tricks on how to grow hebes in pots or open ground!

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Can I grow hebes in pots?

Growing your hebe in a pot or container is not hard, and with the right tools and knowledge, you'll definitely succeed. Want to know more? This is how you grow hebes in pots:

  • Hebes prefer a sunny area, so choose a place in full sun.
  • Don't use too much fertilizer! Hebes thrive off of neglect, and too rich soil can damage their roots. If you still want to fertilize, do it once a year at most.
  • Opt for a smaller hebe species. A container has limited space, and when you choose a large hebe species, you risk them growing out of their container. The hebe “Buxifolia Nana" is one of our favourite hebe species to grow in pots because of their smaller size.
  • Drainage is key! Hebes can be prone to root rot, which means the soil should be moist but never soggy. Hebes do well in a porous pot with drainage holes and a well-draining potting mix.

How to grow hebes in open ground

Besides pots or containers, hebes thrive in the open ground as well. Hebes are known for their hardiness, so getting them to grow and live a long and healthy life should not be a problem. Need some extra tips on how to grow hebes in open ground? These are our best tricks for the job:

  1. Don't forget to prune! When your hebe's blooming, make sure to keep an eye on the plant and cut out all dead flowers using secateurs. This keeps your hebe looking fresh and also further stimulates the blooming process.

  2. Hebes love the sun, which is why placing them in a sunny spot in your garden is highly recommended. If you have no sunny spots available, semi-shady spots will usually also do.

  3. Use the hebes versatility to your advantage! Hebes can be used in various ways, from border plant to hedge or informal bordering! Pick and mix different hebe species at your leisure and create the garden of your dreams.

How to grow hebes - Garden Beauty

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