The most popular hebes in 2022


Are you curious about the most popular hebes in 2022? The hebe plant is a genus that is originally from New Zealand, Rapa, the Falkland Islands and South America, but have since spread around the world, glowing up many gardens and backyards with their beauty. These plants are usually reasonably small but can grow into full-grown bushes with the proper care. Hebes are evergreen and produce small feathers of dainty flowers in all kinds of gorgeous colours.

Top-10 hebes for 2022

Would you like to add colour and structure to your garden? Then a hebe is the perfect pick for you. Aren’t you sure which variety to pick? To help you choose, Garden Beauty has created a top-10 hebe for you. Please read of to discover the most beautiful hebes for sale at the moment.

1. Hebe Garden Elegance Blue

This kind of hebe is well-known for the gorgeous indigo-blue flowers it produces. The flowers are small and grow in feather-like clusters, adding a nice pop of colour to your garden or balcony. The Garden Elegance Blue is evergreen and thrives in full sun or semi-shade. Reasons enough to order this beauty online at Garden Beauty.

2. Hebe Heartbreaker

Not only does this hebe variant produce gorgeous indigo-coloured flowers, but its foliage also stands out among other hebes because of its gorgeous pink hue. This makes this evergreen plant perfect for adding to borders, pots, and other garden areas. Add this beautiful Hebe Heartbreaker to your basket.

3. Hebe Margret

Masses of dainty light blue flowers make this hebe variety stand out from the others. The foliage is bright green and stays that way all year round. Looking for a way to brighten up your garden? The Hebe Margret is the perfect way to add colour, structure and brightness to your garden. Shop Hebe Margret in our webshop.

4. Hebe Garden Beauty Blue

Looking for a luscious hebe variety with tons of gorgeous flowers? Then the Garden Beauty Blue is perfect for you! Enjoy its small size and pop of violet in your garden. The Garden Beauty Blue is evergreen and loves fully sunny or semi-shaded environments. What are you waiting for? Order Hebe Garden Beauty Blue online.

5. Hebe Carol

Although most hebe varieties have purple and indigo flowers, the hebe Carol produces -you've guessed it- pink flowers! The plant remains small or grows pretty big, which will surely liven up your garden instantly. To all the pink lovers: order Hebe Carol now at Garden Beauty.

6. Hebe Silver Anniversary

The Silver Anniversary Hebe is easily recognizable from its foliage. Its leaves are variegated and have a silver hue to them. The Silver Anniversary is evergreen and thrives in full sun to light shade. Perfect for almost any garden. This is your chance to brighten up your garden. Order Hebe Silver Anniversary now,

7. Hebe Nicola’s Blush

Nicola’s Blush hebes are very popular since this variety looks absolutely gorgeous. The flowers show shades of pink and white, and the foliage is bright green and glossy. This plant is easy to care for and stays beautiful all year long. Use Hebe Nicola's Blush in the front of a border or rockery, also in a mixed patio container or in planters. Shop Hebe Nicola's Blush online.

8. Hebe Baby Marie

Baby Marie is a relatively large hebe variant and a true eyecatcher. The foliage is evergreen, and the white flowers bloom in feathery clusters. When you're looking for a way to attract more insects to your gardens, such as butterflies and bees, adding a Baby Marie to your garden will surely help. Order the bee-friendly Hebe Baby Marie online in our webshop.

9. Hebe Blue Gem

Take your garden to a higher level by adding a splash of colour. What better way to accomplish a colourful garden than by adding a Blue Gem hebe? This hebe variant produces many clusters of flowers with a vibrant blueish tint. Use this medium-sized hebe in borders or large containers. Check this hebe in our webshop.

10. Hebe Rose Elegance

The Hebe Rose Elegance comes in a 2L pot and is one of Garden Beauty’s favourite hebe varieties. This hebe produces beautiful dark pink flower spikes and has gorgeous dark green leaves. The Hebe Rose Elegance is peat-free and sustainably grown. Wait no longer, order Hebe Rose Elegance online.

When looking for the best plants to add to your garden, now you know where to start your search. Hebes from Garden Beauty are healthy, sustainable, easy to care for and look beautiful. Enjoy your beautiful garden. Enter our webshop and add your favourite hebes to your cart. Place your order and we will do our best to deliver your plants within 3-5 working days.

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