Getting your garden ready for spring


When winter comes to its end, it’s time to get your garden ready for spring. You can start to prepare to awaken your outdoors from its winter slumber slowly. Plant the best spring flowers and clean up the garden for an even more glorious start to the new season. Springtime is best for sowing shrubs, trees and climbers. Check our springtime gardening guide and order your plants from our webshop.

Tips to get your garden spring-ready

  1. Start with a blank slate. Tidy the garden, your lawn and the patio or deck. Remove fallen leaves and debris from your lawn and borders. This will give your garden a fresh look, so you can spend more time focusing on planting new plants and getting your borders right.

  2. Prune summer-blooming flowering trees, shrubs and hedges. If you didn’t manage to prune your trees before winter, then you need to do it now. Please take a look at the specific prune needs of your plant. Some plants are best pruned right after flowering or in fall. Cut off damaged, dead or diseased branches to give your trees, shrubs and hedges a fresh start. When the temperature rises, the plants will start blooming again.

  3. Revive your garden’s soil. The harsh winter weather has taken its toll on your garden soil. Test your garden soil by grabbing a handful of soil and squeezing it tightly. The soil should crumble instead of forming clumps when you open your hand. Give your soil a health boost by adding some compost or organic matter. Make sure you use fresh, good quality compost.

  4. Plant hebes and shrubs. Spring-flowering hebes like Heartbreaker, Midnight Sky, Sweet Kim will look fantastic, adding coloured foliage to your borders. They will show themselves off with their colouration in the still cold weather. Choose colourful species to add a little colour to your garden.

  5. Clean your tools. Now is the season when you have time to clean, oil and repair your garden tools. Sharpen your scissors, buy new gloves and clean your shovels to start the gardening year fresh. Cleaning your tools will avoid diseases, and sharp tools do little damage to your plants, trees and shrubs.

  6. Remove garden weeds. Before your garden weed establishes a large root system, it’s best to weed them now. It’s easier to weed in moist soil, as the roots give more easily when the ground’s still soft from winter than hard, dry summer soil.

  7. Protect your fruit trees. Birds and other animals will be drawn to your fruit trees and bushes as they hunt for food. The berries on the trees forming the perfect spring meal being picked by birds will influence your growth. Cover your fruit bushes and trees with protective netting where possible. Provide birds with supplemental alternative food, like nuts and seeds, in a bird feeder or on a bird table.

Order new plants for a fresh start to spring

Garden Beauty offers a wide selection of spring-coloured foliage hebes and shrubs that will add a little extra to your spring garden.

  • Hebe ‘Heartbreaker’ produces bright leaves with pink variegation and occasional purple flowers.
  • Hebe ‘Midnight Sky’ is a fresh, compact hebe with stunning, dark glossy foliage and purple flowers in summer.
  • Hebe ‘Baby Marie’ is an evergreen shrub with tiny, thick, spear-shaped green leaves with lilac flowers in late spring.

Browse through our webshop and select your favourite hebes and shrubs for spring’s interest. Please place your order, and we will ship within 3-5 working days.

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