Viburnum are a varied group of flowering shrubs or small trees. There are both deciduous and evergreen forms. Viburnum are members of the Adoxaceae family and they are native to America, Europe and north Asia.

What is a Viburnum?

Viburnum are hardy plants that range from less than 1m in height to over 4m. They have small individual flowers in clusters that appear like large blooms and are often fragrant. These can be white, cream, pink or sometimes red. Flowering seasons can be from autumn through winter and into spring and summer depending on the exact variety. Some Viburnum produce berries after flowering. Evergreen forms have leathery dark green leaves and deciduous forms often have vibrant autumn foliage colours. The flowers and berries are an important source of food for pollinators and birds.

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Where to plant Viburnum?

Viburnum are a diverse group of plants and there will be forms for full sun, partial shade or even full shade, all need moist but well drained soil. Viburnum make large bushy shrubs so only the smallest will make good patio plants. They are more suited to garden borders in groups, as feature plants or as hedges or screening.

How to care for a Viburnum?

Viburnums are easy to look after once established. Water pot grown and young plants during dry spells. Both evergreen and deciduous Viburnums can be pruned to shape up plants shortly after flowering. Don’t leave this too late or pruning will remove the next years flower buds.