Sarcococca or Sweet Box are slow growing evergreen shrubs from the box or Buxaceae family. They are native to the Himalayas and eastern and south eastern Asia.

What is a Sarcococca?

Sarcococca are small hardy shrubs varying in height from less than 1m to over 2m tall. Their sweet scented largely white flowers are bourne in winter which gives rise to another name Christmas Box. The leaves are narrow and glossy green. 

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Where to plant a Sarcococca?

Sarcococca prefer a sheltered partially shaded spot with moist but well drained soil. They can be pot grown or planted in a garden border. Make the most of the fragrant winter flowers by planting near a doorway or path that will be used in winter.

How to care for a Sarcococca?

Once established Sarcococca are easy to look after. Water pot grown and young plants in dry spells. Sarcococca are slow growing and rarely need pruning. If your plant is a bit too big a light trim after flowering to shape the plant should be all that is needed.