Pittosporum sometimes called Cheesewood are a large group of evergreen flowering shrubs or small trees from the family Pittosporaceae which are native to New Zealand Australia and parts of eastern Asia.

What is a Pittosporum?

Pittosporum are mainly hardy evergreen plants that range in size from 1m to over 4m tall. They are grown for their beautiful small glossy leaves that vary in colour from shades of green and include, white, cream, gold, pink and purple often in striking variegated combinations that become more vivid in winter. Pittosporum flowers are small and hard to see but they are highly fragrant in spring and early summer. Pittosporum foliage is often cut for use in flower arranging.

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Where to plant Pittosporum?

Pittosporum grow well in full sun or partial shade and moist but well drained soil. Smaller forms and young plants of larger forms look great in patio pots. Pittosporum can be used in garden borders, as feature plants and as hedging or screening. 

How to care for this Pittosporum?

Pittosporum are easy plants to look after. Water young and pot grown plants in dry spells. Light pruning of young plants will promote bushy growth but older plants should not need pruning unless the plant is becoming too large for its space.