Physocarpus is a hardy perennial shrub with leathery leaves in dark green to silver. Depending on the variety, the flowers are small and white with a pink centre. The flowers form an excellent contrast with the unusual foliage making this a perfect garden plant for many garden styles. These plants are easy to grow in the garden or conservatory and require little maintenance. Physocarpus can also be used as a container plant indoors. Choose from various sizes depending on the space you have to work with, and order online today! Are you looking to buy online? Use our webshop and get quick delivery on your order. We offer home delivery in 3-5 working days or collecting from our nursery in Southampton. You can easily place your order online, and we will do our best to get your plants to you as soon as possible. We only use plastic-free and recyclable packages to lower our carbon footprint. Explore our environmentally-friendly products and shop all your garden plants at Garden Beauty.

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Physocarpus or Ninebark are flowering shrubs that are members of the Rosaceae family. They are native to North America and north eastern Asia.

What is a Physocarpus?

Physocarpus are hardy deciduous plants with colourful maple like foliage that vary in height from about 1m tall to near 4m tall. They have really beautiful leaf colours in yellow, orange, red, purple and bronze from spring through to autumn. In summer clusters of tiny white or pink flowers form on the stems.

Where to plant Physocarpus?

Physocarpus like full sun or partial shade with a moist but well drained soil. They make a long lasting colourful addition to a mixed garden border or perhaps planted as a hedge or screen.

How to care for Physocarpus?

Physocarpus are easy plants to look after. Water young plants during dry spell. Physocarpus can be pruned in early spring to promote fresh growth and again later in the year if grown as a foliage colour hedge although this will remove the flower buds.