Osmanthus is a genus of flowering plants in the olive family, including about 30 species. They are native to China, Taiwan, Japan, Vietnam, Korea, and southeast Europe. Osmanthus shrubs vary in height and look. We offer big shrubs and small trees. The flowers are sweetly scented and appear in early spring before the leaves emerge. This peat-free grown Osmanthus (Oleaceae) will thrive in your garden as long as you choose a location in full sun or partial shade and protected from strong winds. This shrub copes well in any type of soil, so you don’t have to be afraid it won’t bloom in your area. Grow this beautiful shrub with leathery leaves and jasmine-like fragrance in spring. You can find Osmanthus shrubs online at our webshop. Garden Beauty offers quick delivery with every order in the United Kingdom! Don't forget to order your Osmanthus for your garden so you can enjoy its fragrance all year round!

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