Myrtus or Myrtle are aromatic flowering evergreen shrubs or small trees from the Myrtaceae family. They are native to the Mediterranean, eastern Atlantic islands, west Asia and India.

What is a Myrtus?

Myrtus are hardy plants ranging in size from around 1m to over 4m in height. The foliage is usually small green leaves that are aromatic, there are some attractive variegated forms. Small scented white or occasionally pink flowers appear in the summer followed by berries. Bees and other pollinators are attracted to Myrtus.

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Where to plant Myrtus?

Myrtus like full sun or dappled shade and moist but well drained soil. Smaller forms are ideal in patio pots or garden borders. Larger forms will make good feature plants or perhaps flowering hedges or screening. Mixed with other plants like lavender, rosemary and cistus Myrtus can create a Mediterranean look.

How to care for a Myrtus?

Myrtus are easy plants to look after. Water young and pot grown plants during dry spells. Myrtus will form a bushy plant on their own but if reshaping is required give plants a light trim in spring.