Muehlenbeckia or Maidenhair are flowering vines or shrubs that belong to the Polygonaceae family. They are native to North and South America, Papua New Guinea and Australasia.

What is a Muehlenbeckia?

Muehlenbeckia grown for British gardens are hardy only in coastal or milder parts of the country with only light frosts. They are spreading dense and wiry dark stemmed with small green leaves and small greenish white flowers in autumn. 

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Where to plant Muehlenbeckia?

Meuhlenbeckia like a sheltered spot with full sun or partial shade and moist but well drained soil. They will sprawl or tumble down a bank or can be trained as a climbing plant to a height of over 2m. Young Muehlenbeckia can be pot grown as house plants in a sunny spot and can be moved outside in warmer months.

How to care for a Muehlenbeckia?

Water young and pot grown plants in dry spells and prune as required to keep the spreading stems in check. Plants will recover quickly from a hard prune if the plants get too big.