Lophomyrtus are evergreen shrubs or small trees from the myrtle family native to New Zealand. Garden forms have been selected for their colourful and sometime variegated foliage.

What is a Lophomyrtus?

Lophomyrtus vary in size from dwarf forms less than 0.5m high to small trees over 2m tall. They are frost tolerant rather than being fully frost hardy. Lophomyrtus have evergreen foliage with smallish leaves in attractive colours from green, through bronze to pinks, reds and purples, colours are often more intense over winter and early spring.

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Where to plant Lophomyrtus?

Lophomyrtus like dappled shade with some sun and a moist but well drained soil. Adding root Grow to soil or compost when planting will get your Lophomyrtus off to a good start. Many Lophomyrtus forms are suited to growing in patio pots with the advantage that these can be moved to a sheltered less frosty spot over winter. If planting in the border find a spot with shelter from cold winds in winter. Lophomyrtus can be grown as a hedge.

How to care for a Lophomyrtus?

Young plants and pot grown Lophomyrtus will need some watering during dry spells. Once established Lophomyrtus are low maintenance requiring only a light trim in spring or perhaps summer as well if grown as a hedge.