Leycesteria is a unique and highly ornamental shrub that’s perfect for adding beauty to your garden or for use as a specimen plant. Discover different Leycesteria varieties to add structure, colour and interest to your garden. The Leycesteria formosa is also called the Himalayan honeysuckle and is very attractive to wildlife.     The unique-formed flowers look unusual and will look fantastic in your garden. You can plant this shrub along a wall, fence, shed or barn. Whether you’re looking for a hedge, ground cover, or simply something to brighten up your patio, this plant is the perfect option. In addition to its beautiful looks, Leycesteria is also surprisingly hardy and drought-tolerant. Leycesteria Golden Lantern grows well in most soils in full sun or dappled shade. Choose a sunny spot in the garden. You can cut back the shrub each spring to make it a more compact plant. Leycesteria shrubs are available to order online at Garden Beauty. Discover our varieties, and we deliver them right to your doorstep. Please take a look at our Aftercare Advice pages to learn more about how to care for your brand new shrubs. You can also take a look at the plant label for the specific location, soil and water instructions.

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