Leptospermum or Tea Trees are shrubs or small trees belonging to the myrtle or Myrtaceae family. They are native to New Zealand and south east Australia. Leptospermum are grown for their masses of colourful flowers in late spring and summer.

What is a Leptospermum?

Leptospermum are bushy shrubs or small trees between 0.5m and 3 m tall the leaves are often small and can be green, silvery green or occasionally red or purple. In late spring or summer the plants will be covered in smallish flower these range from whites through pinks to deep reds, some forms have showy double flowers. Leptospermum will tolerate light frosts but may need sheltering from prolonged cold spells or cold winds.

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Where to plant Leptospermum?

Smaller forms of Leptospermum are ideally suited to patio pots whilst the larger forms will make great feature plants in the garden border. Leptospermum like sunny positions in free draining soils and benefit from the shelter of a wall or hedge to create a warmer micro climate. Pot grown plants can be move to a frost free spot over winter to prevent frost damage.

How to care for this plant?

Once established Leptospermum are easy to maintain and should only require a light trim after flower to keep a good shape. Young plants will need regular watering in dry spells. Pot grown plants will benefit from a general liquid feed during the growing season.