Lavandula or Lavender are aromatic flowering plants that are members of the mint or Lamiaceae family. Lavandula are widely distributed in the natural world in Europe, around the Mediterranean and across parts of Asia to India.

What is a Lavandula?

Lavandula are small plants ranging in height from less than 0.5m to 1m tall. Lavandula are grown for their aromatic grey foliage and beautiful long lasting flowers in colours ranging from white through pink to blues and purples, these are very attractive to bees and other pollinators. English Lavenders are frost hardy whilst French Lavenders will tolerate only light frosts

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Where to plant Lavandula?

Lavandula prefers full sun with well drained soil and they are considered drought tolerant. Lavandula look great in patio pots or in garden borders where they can be grouped with other shrubs and perennials to create a Mediterranean look. Lined out they make an attractive low growing flowering hedge. Frost tender forms may need a spot sheltered from cold winds and benefit from being pot grown so that they can be moved to a frost free area over winter.

How to care for Lavandula?

Lavandula are easy to care for once established. Water young plants and pot grown plants in dry spells but only sparingly. Lavandula do not like to have wet roots. Trim off flowering stalks after flowering and only lightly prune plants as they do not grow well from older woody stems once pruned.