Hamamelis or Witch Hazel are winter flowering shrubs or trees that are found in China, Japan and North America.

What is a Hamamelis?

Hamamelis are hardy deciduous plants that have hazel like foliage and most attractive and fragrant winter flowers carried along bare stems before the foliage emerges. The flowers which have a spidery appearance range in colour from yellow through orange to red. Hamamelis will grow to between 1.5m and over 4m tall and their foliage will produce autumnal displays of yellows and golds.

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Where to plant Hamamelis?

Hamamelis prefer full sun or light shade and moist but well drained soil. They will look best planted with space around them to allow the plants to develop and in a spot where the winter fragrance can be appreciated.

How to care for a Hamamelis?

Hamamelis are easy to look after once established. Water young plants and mulch to help the soil retain moisture. Hamamelis may not need pruning but if it is required to shape the plants it is best done after flowering.