Griselinia or New Zealand Broadleaf are evergreen shrubs or trees that are native to New Zealand and South America

What is a Griselinia?

Griselinia are fast growing upright evergreen large shrubs that reach 1.5m to over 4m in height. They have dense rounded glossy green or variegated foliage and make great hedging or screening plants. 

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Where to plant Griselinia?

Griselinia like full sun and well drained soil and will most often be planted as hedging. The variegated forms can also be used as showy feature plants. Because they are salt tolerant Griselinia are useful plants in a coastal garden.

How to care for a Griselinia?

Griselinia are easy to look after once established. Water when young and prune quite hard in the first season to promote bushy growth. After that an annual trim in spring will keep plants or hedges in good shape.