Grevillea or Spider flower plants are a broad group flowering shrubs from the Proteaceae family native to rainforests and more temperate areas of Australia and some Indonesian island. Forms grown in the UK are most likely to have originated from Australian species.

What is a Grevillea?

Grevillea are flowering evergreen shrubs varying in size from 0.5m to over 3m tall. Their common name comes from the spidery flowers carried in spring and summer, these vary in colour from cream, through yellow to orange, pink and red. Grevillea foliage on frost tolerant forms is often quite narrow like a rosemary. There are Grevilleas with oak or holly like foliage but these are likely to be frost tender in the UK and best suited to conservatories.


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Where to plant Grevillea?

Grevillea prefer sunny sheltered positions with moist but well drained soil which should be slightly acidic to neutral. Grevilleas do not like chalky soil or heavy water logged soil. Smaller forms are ideally suited to growing in a patio pot with larger forms best in borders with some shelter from cold winds provided by larger shrubs or a wall.

How to care for a Grevillea?

Gevilleas are considered to be drought tolerant but pot grown plants and young plants in a border will need regular watering in dry spells. Grevillea form bushy plants without trimming but a light trim after flowering can be used to maintain size. In cold parts of the country pot grown and frost tender Grevilleas can be treated as indoor/outdoor plants being outside for most of the year but inside during winter.