Euonymus are a varied group of popular shrubs sometimes called spindle that are member of the staff vine or Celestraceae family. Euonymus can be either deciduous or evergreen.

What is a Euonymus?

Euonymus are such a versatile group of plants which can be used in patio pots, garden borders, as hedging or as small trees. Evergreen forms create all year round interest with glossy foliage in many shades of green and often vibrant variegations. Deciduous forms including our native Euonymus europaeus or spindle can have showy flowers followed by berries and beautiful autumn colours, some are called burning bushes. 

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Where to plant Euonymus?

With such a wide range of Euonymus available it is a case of matching the plant to the situation. Smaller plants are best in pots or in front of the border, perhaps in small groups. Euonymus can be grown in full sun or partial shade. Shade will suit pale coloured foliage forms best as they may be scorched in summer sun. Euonymus japonica forms may be used in coastal planting as they are salt tolerant.

How to care for this Euonymus?

Euonymus are easy to grow once established. Water young plants in dry spells. Light pruning in spring and summer will help keep individual plants and hedges in good shape. Larger plants may benefit from harder pruning to reduce size.