Crinodendron are flowering evergreen shrubs or small trees belonging to the Elaeocarpaceae family. They are native to Chile.

What is a Crinodendron?

Crinodendron are hardy evergreen plants that will eventually grow to over 4m in height. They have narrow dark green leathery leaves and clusters of hanging lantern like white, pink or crimson red flowers in late spring and through the summer.

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Where to plant Crinodendron?

Crinodendron will grow best in a sheltered spot with dappled light shade and acidic moist but well drained soil. They can be grown in a large patio pot to ensure the right acidic soil but are probably best suited to the garden border where they make a stunning feature plant when in flower.

How to care for a Crinodendron?

Water Crinodendron during dry spells to keep the soil moist but not water logged. Crinodendron can be given a light prune after flowering to shape the plant.