Convolvulus are sometimes called bindweed or morning glory and are part of the bindweed or Convolvulaceae family that is very widely distributed.

What is a Convolvulus?

Convolvulus are frost tender, half hardy or hardy plants that range in size from low growing spreading forms only a few cm high to tall twining climbers that can reach over 4m in height. Foliage is varied in shape and colour with shades of green and also some striking silver hues. Convolvulus flowers have the bindweed shape and some are white but there are also colourful forms with yellow, blue, purple and pink flowers.

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Where to plant Convolvulus?

All types of Convolvulus will need a sheltered spot with full sun and well drained soil. Small forms are ideal in patio pots which have the advantage that they can be moved to frost free areas in winter. Convolvulus can also be used in garden borders and as climbing wall plants. The silver leaved forms are useful additions to Mediterranean planting schemes.

How to care for a Convolvulus?

Water young or pot grown plants sparingly in dry spells. Bushy forms should be trimmed after flowering to keep a compact rounded form. Climbing forms may need pruning if damaged by frost and occasional trimming to maintain shape and size.