Chiosyas or Mexican Orange Blossom are aromatic evergreen shrubs native to Mexico. Choisyas are part of the rue or Rutaceae family. Their common name come from their flowers which closely resemble orange flowers both in shape and scent.

What is a Choisya?

Choisyas are easy to grow and popular flowering and evergreen garden shrubs offering both colour and scent. They range in size from 1.5m to 2.5m in height and are suitable for large patio pots or garden borders. Choisyas have sweetly scented white flowers in spring and summer. Choisyas have lobed or cut leaves sometimes quite narrow and ranging in colour from dark green to bright golden yellow.

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Where to plant Choisya?

Choisyas will be happy in sun or partial shade and a moist but well drained soil. Smaller forms can be grown in large patio pots with larger plants making great feature plants in borders or lined out as colourful and scented hedging. Golden forms may be best in dappled shade to avoid sun scorch on the foliage and their bright golden colours will light up a garden in the winter months. Choisyas are frost hardy but will benefit from some shelter from cold winter winds.

How to care for a Choisya?

Once established Choisyas are easy to look after. Water young plants and pot grown plants in dry spells. Choisyas make good bushy plants without needing much trimming. If a plant is getting too big prune in spring after the danger of frost has passed. Choisyas can be pruned quite hard but to reduce the size of a shrub dramatically it is best to do this in stages allowing the plant to recover and start growing again between pruning.