Ceanothus or California Lilac are flowering shrubs or small trees from the Rhamnaceae or buckthorn family. They are native to North America particularly the west coast.

What is a Ceanothus?

Ceanothus are hardy largely evergreen plants that vary in size from low growing forms less than 1m tall to small trees than can be more than 4m tall. Ceanothus are grown for their masses of blue, purple or sometimes pink or white flowers which appear in the spring and into summer. There are some varieties that have attractive golden or variegated foliage.

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Where to plant Ceanothus?

Ceanothus prefer a sheltered spot with full sun and well drained or slightly moist soil. Mixed with other plants they add colour to courtyard, cottage, gravel and Mediterranean style borders. Individual plants can be grown as larger feature or wall plants.

How to care for Ceanothus?

Ceanothus are easy plants to look after. Water young plants in dry spells. They can be pruned in early spring to encourage fresh growth and control size.