The Buddleja plant is an abundant flowering shrub, with over 140 species found in Africa, Asia and the Americas. It's also known as butterfly bush or summer lilac. The buddleja plant is a popular addition to gardens and landscapes across the world because it produces vibrant blooms that attract butterflies, bees and other pollinators.

What is a Buddleja?

Buddleja are fast growing deciduous shrubs that are easy to look after and have a long flowering season. They come in a wide range of sizes, the smallest suitable for patio pots and the largest making great feature plants. Buddleja flowers are prolific and come in many colours: whites through pinks, blues and purples, some forms have striking orange flowers.

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Where to plant Buddleja

Buddleja like moist but well drained soil and plenty of sun. Smaller varieties will be 1m to 1.5m tall and can be grown in large patio pots. Larger forms can grow to over 4m tall and 4m wide when fully grown, Size can be managed by pruning if your plants are getting too big. There are some frost tender forms and these can be grown in the colder areas of the UK in a pot that can be moved to a frost free area in winter or in a conservatory.

How to care for this plant?

Buddlejas benefit from hard pruning in spring to remove tall growth from the previous year. Buddleja will flower on the new growth that follows. Pot grown plants given a high potash liquid feed will produce more flowers. By removing old flowers the flowering season can be extended.