Berberis or Barberry are deciduous or evergreen shrubs from the family Berberidaceae. They are very widely distributed in temperate and subtropical parts of the globe.

What is a Berberis?

Berberis are hardy plants that range in height from less than 0.5m to over 2.5m tall. They can be spiny and have a wide range of foliage colours from shades of green through yellow, gold and orange to pink, red and purple. There are also attractive variegated forms. Flowers of yellow, orange or red in spring and summer are followed by berries. Berberis are a great food source for pollinators and birds.

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Where to plant Berberis?

Berberis like full sun or partial shade with moist but well drained soil. Smaller forms make colourful patio or garden border plants. Larger forms can be used as feature plants in a border or perhaps as hedging or screening. Berberis spines can add to house security by deterring attempts to push through hedges or climbing to windows.

How to care for a Berberis?

Berberis are low maintenance plants. Water young or pot grown plants during dry spells. Berberis can be trimmed lightly after flowering or later in the year during winter if berries are wanted.