Anisodontea or Cape Mallow are flowering plants from the Mallow or Malvaceae family. They are native to South Africa.

What is an Anisodontea?

Anisodontea are frost tender shrubby plants usually less than 1 m tall grown for their masses of pink, red or purple mallow type flowers. 

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Where to plant Anisodontea?

Anisodontea prefer a sheltered spot with full sun and a well drained soil. They can be pot grown and can then be treated as an indoor / outdoor plant moved into a frost free place over winter. Their colourful blooms help create a Mediterranean feel to a garden.

How to care for Anisodontea?

Anisodontea are easy to look after. Water young and pots grown plants sparingly in during dry spells. Prune Anisodontea in the early spring to encourage fresh growth and promote flowering.