Acacia are also known as mimosa or wattles and they are shrubs or trees that are members of the pea or Fabaceae family. They are native to tropical and subtropical areas of the globe Africa and Australia in particular.

What is an Acacia?

Acacia are often slightly frost tender plants with a few varieties frost hardy. They are large shrubs or small trees usually over 2m tall with some over 4m tall. Acacia are grown for their distinctive late winter or early spring flowers which can be scented and are usually bright yellow but there are some pink flowered forms.

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Where to plant Acacia?

Acacia need a sheltered spot with full sun and a dryish soil. Smaller forms can be pot grown. Which in colder parts of the country means that they can be treated as indoor & outdoor plants sheltered from frosts over winter. In milder parts of the country Acacia add an exotic look to garden borders as feature plants perhaps having the shelter of a wall or hedge.

How to care for Acacia?

Once established Acacia are easy plants to look after. Water young and pot grown plants sparingly in dry spell. Acacia can be pruned to shape plants and control size after flowering. Almost all of the previous years growth can be removed if required.