Leycesteria formosa

Discover this vigorous and easy-to-grow shrub. The leycesteria formosa is also called the Himalayan honeysuckle and is very attractive to wildlife. Its dramatic foliage, in combination with its remarkable flowers, makes this shrub loved among many gardeners. The shrub is very robust and can be easily grown. Buy this handsome shrub from Garden Beauty’s webshop, and we ship your order nationwide. Enjoy leycesteria formosa’s long-lasting season of interest, starting with trailing white and claret flowers from mid-to-late summer, followed by reddish-purple berries in autumn.

What is leycesteria formosa

Leycesteria formosa is a hardy shrub that grows best in full sun to semi-shade. The plant can grow up to 2.5metres high and 2.5metres wide. If you have a south-facing or west-facing garden, the leycesteria formosa will thrive best. The leycesteria formosa is perfect for growing in borders and landscapes. Plant the leycesteria formosa in the middle or back position because otherwise, it would cover all of your other garden plants.

How to plant leycesteria formosa

Plant leycesteria formosa in spring or fall when the ground isn’t frozen. The roots have enough time to establish and grow a strong root system when planted in the fall. The plant dies back in winter but luckily grows new shoots in spring if the base is protected—plant in well-draining soil in full sun. Dig a hole that is big enough to fit the rootball. If you water leycesteria formosa regularly, the plant doesn't need a lot of attention. 

When to prune leycesteria formosa

If you want the shrub to produce beautiful flowers each year, you must take the pruning job serious.

  1. You can cut back lightly each time after flowering.
  2. Apply another cutting at the end of winter or at the start of spring to promote flowering.  

How to take leycesteria formosa cuttings

You can propagate leycesteria Formosa by taking softwood cuttings in summer.

  • Cut off a soft tip of a new stem about 7 cm long and remove the bottommost leaves.
  • Dip the stem into a hormone rooting powder or liquid.
  • Plant the stem in a small pot that is filled with cutting compost.
  • Regularly water the cutting and place it in a closed propagator case and keep the cutting humid.
  • Once your cutting has rooted successfully, you can harden it off and then pot it in a larger pot.

Leycesteria formosa soil

This fabulous shrub thrives in almost any soil-plant leycesteria formosa in moist but well-drained soil in full sun to semi-shade. The pH of the soil can be neutral to acid to alkaline. Make sure the soil stays moist without getting too soggy. The plant can tolerate strong winds but not maritime exposure.

Why plant leycesteria formosa

Leycesteria formosa is known for attracting bees, butterflies, birds and other wildlife.  It produces nectar-pollen-rich-flowers, provides shelter and habitat to wildlife and has seeds for birds. So, this shrub is everything you want if you want to support biodiversity in your area.

The best leycesteria formosa plants for your garden

Garden Beauty offers a wonderful assortment of leycesteria formosa's. You can find these varieties in our webshop:

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 hardy flowering shrubs. If you’re looking for a remarkable shrub that is attractive to wildlife, leycesteria formosa is yours. Order from our webshop, easily pay online, and we make sure your plant arrives safely at your house. We ship nationwide and take our transport very seriously. If you have any questions about the leycesteria Formosa, please let us know.