The Verbena plant is a beautiful exotic perennial that grows in the ground or easily in pots, making it perfect for any garden. This herbaceous perennial can be planted from autumn to spring and will flower all summer long. The Verbena plant is great for your garden too - it is deer resistant and has a high moisture retention capacity so your plants don't need watering! On top of that, Verbena plants are known for their widespread use in all kinds of self-care products.

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Verbena or Vervain are flowering annual, perennial or woody plants from the family Verbenaceae. They are native to Europe the Americas and Asia.

What is a Verbena?

Verbena are half hardy to hardy perennials that range in size from less than 0.5m to over 2m tall. They are grown for their heads of tiny blue, purple, pink, red or white flowers carried in summer which are attractive to bees and other pollinators.

Where to plant Verbena?

Verbena grow best in full sun with moist but well drained soil. Small spreading forms are often grown as bedding plants in baskets, patio pots or the garden border. While the larger plants are used in borders adding structure and height in herbaceous borders.

How to care for a Verbena?

Water young and pot grown plants in dry spells. As flowering slows or fades trimming the plant will encourage a new flush of flowers.