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Rheum or Ornamental Rhubarb are herbasceous perennial plants that are members of the Polygonaceae family. They are native to eastern Europe and temperate zones in Asia.

What is a Rheum?

Rheum described here are ornamental forms which would not be consumed as culinary rhubarb. Rheum are large clump forming perennials which make great garden feature plants with their large lobed leaves and tall spikes of cream, pink or red flowers that can reach up to 2m in height. 

Where to plant Rheum?

Rheum like a sunny or partially shaded spot with moist but well drained soil. They are big plants that demand a lot of space so allow for at least 1m and possibly 2m width. Rheum can be grown in large patio pots or in garden borders.

How to care for a Rheum?

Water young plants and pot grown plants during dry spells. Remove the tall flower spikes once flowering is over and mulch plants to conserve moisture in the soil.