Polemonium or Jacob’s Ladder are flowering annual or herbaceous perennial plants that are members of the Polemoniaceae family. They are native to the cooler regions of the northern hemisphere with one genus also found in the southern Andes in South America.

What is a Polemonium?

Polemonium are hardy plants that form mounds of pinnate or ladder like foliage in colours of green, yellow, pink and purple or combinations of these in variegated forms. In summer flowers in white, pink, blue or purple are carried above the foliage these are attactive to bees and other pollinators. Polemonium are fairly low growing plants usually less than 1m tall.


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Where to plant Polemonium?

Polemonium like a cool spot with some sun or partial shade and a moist but well drained soil. They will do best in a mixed border where they can be used to create a cottage garden look. Polemonium can be grown in pots but these will need to be in a cool shady place.

How to care for Polemonium?

Polemonium are easy plants to look after once established. Tidy dean or damaged foliage in early spring, a mulch at this time will help keep the roots cool and promote fresh growth. After flowering remove old flower stalks to encourage a second flush of flowers. The flowers can be cut for arranging.