Penstemon or Beard Tongues are flowering perennial plants from the Plantaginaceae family that are native to North America

What is a Penstemon?

Penstemon are hardy perennial plants varying from the very small at 10cm high to large at 2.5m tall, most will be in the range of 0.5m to 1m tall. Their leaves are normally narrow and lance shaped in shades of green with a few forms having purpled foliage. Penstemon flowers are tubular bell shaped and carried in tall spikes above the foliage in summer. There are many different flower colours from white, through pink to red, purple and blue. Bees and other pollinators are attracted to the flowers.

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Where to plant Penstemon?

Penstemon like full sun or partial shade with moist but well drained soil. Smaller forms are suited to patio pots while larger forms work well in garden borders grouped with other plants to create a cottage garden look.

How to care for a Penstemon?

Penstemon are easy plants to grow. Water pot grown and young plants during dry spells. Remove old flower spikes and liquid feed regularly to promote flowering. Mulching in autumn to protect roots from frost and help plants over winter. Tidy up and cut back old stems in early spring to promote new growth.