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Paeonia or Peony are flowering herbaceous or shrubby plants from the Paeoniaceae family. They are native to Asia, Europe and western North America.

What is a Paeonia?

Paeonia are hardy plants that vary from 0.5m to 2m tall. Paeonia are grown for their large sometimes scented showy flowers in white, cream, yellow, pink, red and purple which can either single or double forms. Flowering season is late spring or summer. Bees and other pollinators will be attracted to the flowers. Paeonia flowers can be cut for use in flower displays.

Where to plant Paeonia?

Paeonia like full sun or partial shade with a moist but well drained soil. They are best used in the garden border where their big colourful flowers will make a great feature. 

How to care for Paeonia?

Once established Paeonia are easy to look after. Remove dead flowers and tidy up dead or damaged foliage in winter or early spring. Mulching or feeding in spring will help to promote strong growth and flowers. Some taller plants may need staking to support the large flower heads.