Heuchera or Coral Bells are evergreen perennials that are part of the Saxifragaceae family and native to North America

What is a Heuchera?

Heuchera are hardy shade loving perennials which modern breeding has made available in a vast range of vibrant foliage colours from the pale golds and yellows through pinks and reds to the deepest purples. Many have leaves that are attractively marbled or speckled. Heuchera flowers are small bell shaped and carried on tall spikes above the foliage. They range in colour from whites through pinks to reds.

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Where to plant Heuchera?

Heuchera like a sunny or partially shaded spot with moist but well drained soil. Some of the paler forms can bleach or scorch if planted in full sun. Heuchera make great patio pots and are versatile in the garden border where they can be block planted as ground cover or mixed with other plants to create a colourful display with year round interest.

How to care for a Heuchera?

Water pot grown and young plants during dry spells. Regular liquid feeding during summer will help with foliage and flower production. Remove old flower stalks and tidy up dead or damaged foliage in the autumn. If over time your Heuchera become too large they can be divided in spring or a dry autumn.