Helenium is a hardy, low-maintenance plant that thrives in sunny conditions. The bright lemon-yellow to orange-red flowers on the plant make Helenium a popular choice for flower beds and borders, as well as container culture. This herbaceous perennial grows to about 1-2 feet high and is used often in many different kinds of homeopathic treatments. It prefers a sunny location with well-drained soil and average watering conditions. Available online now!

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Helenium or Sneezeweed are annual or perennial plants from the sunflower or Asteraceae family. They are native to the Americas.

What is a Helenium?

Helenium are hardy plants that are usually between 0.5m and 1m tall. They are grown for their colourful daisy like flowers which are carried on tall thin stalks above the foliage in summer and into autumn. Flowers are vibrant yellow, orange or red and they are attractive to bees and other pollinators.

Where to plant Helenium?

Helenium like full sun and moist but well drained soil. The most compact forms can be grown in patio pots but Helenium are probably best in the garden border where their colourful daisy like flowers help create cottage garden or prairie style borders.

How to care for Helenium?

Helenium are easy to look after. Water young or pot grown plants during dry spells. Taller plants may need staking in more exposed sites. Trimming in June will help production of stronger flowering stalks. Dead heading will prolong the flowering season. If Helenium clumps become too big they can be divided in autumn or spring.