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Geum or Avens are herbaceous perennials that are part of the rose or Rosaceae family. They are very widely distributed through Europe, Africa, Asia, the Americas and New Zealand.

What is a Geum?

Geum are hardy clump forming perennials that are mainly less than 0.5m tall with a few growing up to 1m. Geum are grown for their colourful flowers carried on stiff stems above the foliage in late spring and summer. Flower colours range from cream through yellow to orange pink and red. Bees and other pollinators will be attracted to the flowers.

Where to plant Geum?

Geum like full sun or partial shade with moist but well drained soil. Geum make colourful patio pots or they can be planted in garden borders to create a cottage garden look.

How to care for a Geum?

Geum are easy plants to look after. Water young and pot grown plants in dry spells. Regular deadheading will prolong flowering. Remove dead or damaged foliage in autumn.