Geranium or Crane’s Bill are a large group of annual, biennial and perennial plants that are members of the Geraniaceae family. They are mostly found in the eastern Mediterranean region but they also occur throughout temperate regions and at high altitude in the tropics

What is a Geranium?

The Geraniums focused on here are mainly hardy low growing perennials 0.5m or smaller, some of the larger forms can grow to over 1.5m tall. There is a wide range to chose from with foliage colours in green, yellow, orange, red and purple. Flowers which are attractive to bees and other pollinators are carried above the foliage in spring and summer with colours including white, blue, pink and purple and often having attractive veining. 


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Where to plant Geranium?

Geraniums like full sun or partial shade and moist but well drained soil. Many forms can be grown in pots to make a great display of colour on your patio. They are equally at home in garden borders where they can help create a cottage garden look or add a splash of long lasting colour to other garden styles.

How to care for Geranium?

Geranium are easy to look after. Water young and pot grown plants during dry spells. Trim foliage quite hard after flowering to control size and remove dead or damaged foliage in early spring to encourage fresh growth.