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Cyclamen are flowering perennial plants belonging to the Primula or Primulaceae family. They are native to Europe and the Mediterranean and further east into Iran.

What is a Cyclamen?

Cyclamen are a varied group of perennial plants some are not hardy and are grown as house or conservatory plants but there are also forms that are hardy in gardens. Cyclamen are low growing and will naturalise or spread around a garden. They have rounded or heart shaped leaves that often have beautiful silvery marbled markings. Flowers that can be scented and in white, pink, red or purple hues are carried above the foliage in spring summer autumn or winter depending on the variety.

Where to plant Cyclamen?

There are many types of Cyclamen and different places to plant them. Use the more tender forms as pot grown house or conservatory plants that can be outside in the warmer months. Hardy forms can also be pot grown or placed in the garden border and as under planting for large shrubs or trees. Cyclamen prefer a sheltered spot with partial shade and well drained soil.

How to care for a Cyclamen?

Cyclamen are easy plants to look after. Water young and pot grown plants sparingly in dry spells to ensure that they are not water logged. Do not water during dormant periods when the leaves disappear. Removing spent flowers can prolong flowering.