Brunnera are sometimes called Siberian bugloss, they are flowering perennial plants belonging to the Boraginaceae family. They are native to woodlands in Eastern Europe and North West Asia.

What is a Brunnera?

Brunnera are hardy plants less than 0.5m tall grown for their colourful heart shaped foliage which often has beautiful slivery grey marking. Sprays of blue or occasionally white flowers appear in spring.

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Where to plant Brunnera?

Brunera prefer a shady spot with moist but well drained soil like the woodland areas that they originally came from. Plant them in garden borders as part of a traditional cottage garden look or perhaps as under planting for larger shrubs and trees.

How to care for a Brunnera?

Planted in the right spot Brunnera are easy plants to look after. Water plants in prolonged dry spells as they do not like drying out. Remove spent flowers and tidy dead or damaged foliage in early spring to promote fresh new growth.