Anthemis or Chamomiles are flowering mainly perennial plants from the Asteraceae or daisy family. They are native to the Mediterranean and southwest Asia.

What is an Anthemis?

Anthemis are hardy mat or clump forming plants often with aromatic finely divided foliage and masses of daisy like flowers with white or cream petals and bright golden centres. They have a long flowering season from spring until autumn. Bees and other pollinators love the flowers. 

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Where to plant Anthemis?

Anthemis prefer full sun and well drained soil. They can be planted in patio pots or in the garden border where they help create cottage, Mediterranean or gravel style gardens.

How to care for Anthemis?

Anthemis are easy plants to look after. Water pot grown and young plants during dry spells. Deadheading will prolong the flowering season and a light trim in early spring will help to shape the plants and remove dead flower stalks and damaged foliage.