Anemone or Windflowers are flowering plants from the buttercup or Ranunculaceae family found in most temperate and sub tropical regions except Australia, New Zealand and Antarctica

What is an Anemone?

Anemones include many varied forms from spring flowering bulbs to later flowering perennials. They have showy open cup shaped flowers in many colours and are suitable for many garden situations 

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Where to plant an Anemone?

Most Anemones can be grown in some sun or dappled shade and moist but free draining soil. Because there are such a wide range of plants available check individual plant information for more specialised requirements. The wide range also means that there will be an Anemone suitable for growing in patio pots, garden border and around larger shrubs or trees in a woodland like setting.

How to care for an Anemone?

Anemones are easy to look after. Tidy up old leaves and flowering stalks in early spring. Water young plants and pot grown plants during dry spells if they are in active growth. Some types will be dormant in summer. Clump forming Anemones can be divided if they get too big.