Alstroemeria, also known as Perivian or Inca Lily is a plant native to South America that has been popular in gardens for centuries. It’s one of the most common varieties of flowers used in floral arrangements and bouquets. Our Alstroemeria range has been selected with patio pots in mind. Breeding and selection has led to excellent compact forms that are easy to grow and ideal for a container or the garden border.


What is an Alstroemeria?

Alstroemeria are hardy perennials with masses of showy flowers from late spring through the summer. There are a wide range of flower colours yellow, orange, red, pink and purple all have attractive markings. The flowers are carried above the foliage on short stems and are very attractive to bees and other pollinators. The foliage will die back over winter as the plant rests ready to put on new growth in the spring.

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Where to plant Alstroemeria

Our Alstroemerias like a sunny spot with well drained but fertile soil. They will look really good in patio pots giving a long lasting splash of colour to your patio. Alstroemeria can also be grown in the border just make sure that they will not be sitting in wet soil over winter as this may rot the roots. Adding Root Grow while planning will get you plants off to a good start.

How to care for this plant?

Alstroemeria are easy to grow and rarely suffer from pest and diseases. Plants grown in pots will need regular watering during a dry spell and adding a high potash liquid feed will boost flowering. Once the flowers have gone over gently remove the old flower stalk. This will encourage fresh growth and more flowers. If the plants become too big for the pot or the garden space they can be split or divided in early spring.