Agapanthus plants are an exotic looking type of flowering clump forming perennials native to South Africa. There are both evergreen and deciduous forms with the latter considered hardier. They are popular because they are easy to grow and low-maintenance. Agapanthus can be planted in both pots or the garden border and grow well in the UK.

What is an Agapanthus

Agapanthus are summer flowering clump forming perennials with globe shaped flower heads on long stalks with flower colours in whites and varying shades of blues and purples from very pale to deep colours. The flowers are attractive to bees and other pollinators. Agapanthus have thick fleshy roots which help the plants tolerate periods of dry conditions. Agapanthus vary in size from small dwarf plants less than 0.5m high to real giants over 2m tall. Agapanthus can also be used as houseplants and make great cut flowers.

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Where to plant Agapanthus

Agapathus will add an exotic touch to a variety of garden situations. Agapathus can be grown in patio pots in a sunny spot and look great when mixed with other lower growing plants or with tall autumn flowering plants like crocosmia. Agapanthus can also be used in many sunny places in garden border with shorter forms towards the front and taller ones at the back, they can also be planted in lines to make a flowering hedge. 

How to care for this plant?

Agapanthus are best planted in the spring, after the danger of frost has passed, in a sunny position. Agapanthus like a moist but well drained soil but will tolerate a short dry period well. A high potash liquid feed will boost flowering. Remove flower stalks once the flowers go over. If your Agapanthus clump is getting too large it can be split or divided in early spring before flowering or in the autumn after flowering. Dividing every five years will help rejuvenate your plants.