Aeonium or tree houseleeks are succulent subtropical plants that are members of the Crassulaceae family. They are native to North Africa, the Canary Islands and Madeira.

What is an Aeonium?

Aeonium are frost tender plants that require winter protection unless grown in frost free coastal or courtyard gardens. They are low growing usually less than 1m tall with some forms ground hugging. Aeonium have distinctive foliage of leaf rosettes in shades of green, gold, red, deep purple and some variegated. In summer they have small starry flower which are often yellow.

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Where to plant Aeonium?

Aeonium need a sheltered spot in full sun and a well drained soil. In most parts of the country they are best grown in pots which can be moved indoors over winter. Aeonium add an exotic look to patio, coastal, gravel and Mediterranean style gardens.

How to care for Aeonium?

Aeonium need shelter from frost and cold winds. Once established be careful not to over water. Repot plants into larger containers once their roots have filled a small pot.