Achillea or Yarrow are flowering perennial plants that are part of the Asteraceae family. They are native to Europe, temperate zones of Asia and North America.

What is an Achillea?

Achillea are hardy herbaceous plants that are 0.5m to over 1m tall. They have feathery green or silvery leaves and flat round heads of small flowers carried on stiff stems. There are a wide range of flower colours from cream through yellow, orange, pink and red. The flowers are attractive to bees and other pollinators.

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Where to plant Achillea?

Achillea prefer full sun and a moist but well drained soil. Smaller forms make beautiful patio pots and larger forms can be used in garden borders to create a cottage garden or prairie look when mixed with other plants.

How to care for an Achillea?

Achillea are easy plants to look after. Water young and pot grown plants during dry spells. Deadheading spent flowers will prolong the flowering season. Cut back old flower stems and foliage in early spring to promote fresh new growth.